My favorite thing about the holidays is bringing people together. Whether it’s with coworkers or old college buddies, friends from the neighborhood or new acquaintances you met in line on black Friday – there’s nothing like coming together for a holiday mixer.  Since it’s an already hectic month of shopping, baking for the cookie exchange and meticulously wrapping all the presents, you really do deserve to sit back, relax and share a few laughs reminiscing. ‘Tis all about making memories with other Survivors of the Season!

Here are a few ideas to add beautiful stationery to an evening of good food, great drinks and gregarious friends.

Mix-and-a-Mingle - invite 1
Mix-and-a-Mingle - invite 2
It wouldn’t be a party without your nearest and dearest. So let them know about your seasonal soiree in an Envelopments Twist Card. Use fun and festive graphics to set the tone on the front of the card and reveal the details of the evening on the back of the twist panel. Don’t forget to tie it all together with Envelopments Original Postage (we love Mix-&-A-Mingle custom stamps for holiday parties).


Mix-and-a-Mingle - eat 1
Mix-and-a-Mingle - eat 2
Mix-and-a-Mingle - eat 3
Keep the menu simple. You’re not previewing a 5-course Christmas Dinner. Finger foods and light hors d’oeuvres keep the evening casual. Serving foods that are too heavy might make guests want to reach for a pillow rather than another martini. You can dress up a simple spread of cheese and crackers with labels printed on Platinum vellum. Identifying edible items on small cards (White Micah brings a festive flair to the table) always lets guests know what they’re in for. They may not want to be surprised by the spicy kick of chili in the bowl of cashews. You may want to select a cheese from each of the following categories: Soft and Rindless (Feta/Chèvre/Fresh Mozzarella), Soft-Ripened/Blue (Gorgonzola/Brie/Maytag Blue), Semisoft/Semifirm (Swiss/Muenster/Cheddar) and Hard (Parmigiano-Reggiano/Asiago/Manchego). And don’t forget to compliment these varied flavors with sweet and savory accompaniments like stuffed olives and an assortment of nuts. Serving grapes is a great way to incorporate a Spanish New Year’s Eve tradition. Save a bunch of grapes for midnight. Thread a dozen grapes on a skewer for each guest and serve them in flutes of champagne. Encourage guests to quickly eat them as a predictor of the upcoming year. Each grape represents a month in 2011—the sweeter the grape, the more fruitful the month.


Mix-and-a-Mingle - drink 1
Mix-and-a-Mingle - drink 2
Liquid libations always encourage guests to engage in conversation. But when conversations get deep (or after your third Snow-tini), it can quickly become a guessing game trying to decipher which glass belongs to each guest. You can be the hero of your party by printing tiny labels to identify each glass. We printed 6 labels on a White Micah 3.5 x 5 – Landscape Folded Card, trimmed them to size and used a Glue Dot to fasten the tag around the stemware. If you plan on serving a variety of drinks, remember to print name tags for each set of wine goblets, champagne flutes and martini glasses.


Mix-and-a-Mingle - be merry 1
Mix-and-a-Mingle - be merry 2
Playing games isn’t just for the tiny tots. A rousing round of Two Truths and a Lie is a great ice-breaker. This game lets your guests decide who’s actually Naughty or Nice. Use White Micah 3.5  x5 – Portrait Folded Cards to create the game pieces. Ask guests to write down three facts about themselves. They must reveal two truths and include a lie (white lies are fun, but mischievous story-lines are always juicier!). Everyone is then encouraged to mingle and strike up conversation with other guests. You may be required to shed light on a fact or even concoct an elaborate back story to support your lie. Use cording or ribbon to hang the game pieces around each player’s neck so their hands are free to note the BIG FAT LIES they hear from other players onto a score card.


Mix-and-a-Mingle - tidings 1
Mix-and-a-Mingle - tidings 2
It’s after midnight and you want to give your guests a memorable parting gift. Create your own Holiday Hangover Kits using Envelopments Favor Containers. We created custom labels for Clutch Favor Containers and filled them with items that can help them the day after: a packet of energy boosting drink mix, headache relief and eye drops. Chewing gum and sample vials of your favorite perfumes and colognes can help conceal the evidence of the garlic hummus you served the night before. And for those determined to make it onto the naughty list, you can create custom tags for mini bottles of alcohol that keep your party going.

After you clean up the empty bottles of champagne and the confetti between the couch cushions, you’ll rest assured that you threw a fantastic New Year’s Eve party that your friends won’t soon forget (that is until you throw your infamous Last-Day-to-File-Taxes shindig!). And with April 15th just a few months away, you’d better start brainstorming now.

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  1. Posted December 13, 2010 at 1:09 pm | Permalink

    i absolutely love this! fun and festive for any event this season without trying to be too much towards one holiday! Great job as always!

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